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Grey-breasted laughing thrush (garrulax jerdoni) on Flickr.

Christopher Plummer photos (Asian Birds)
Behaviour and ecology
They are found in pairs and small groups and they sometimes join mixed-species feeding flocks. They feed on the nectar of flowers of Lobelia excelsa, Rhododendron and Strobilanthes species. They also feed on the petals of some flowers such as Strobilanthes and the fruits of a range of plants including Viburnum, Eurya, Rubus and Rhodomyrtus tomentosa.
The breeding season is December to June but peaking in April and May. The nest is a cup of grass with moss and lined with fine fibre placed in a low fork hidden in dense vegetation.The usual clutch is two blue eggs with reddish markings and indistinguishable from those of the black-chinned laughingthrush. When the nest is predated or after the young fledge, the nest is destroyed. The nests of other birds in the vicinity may also be torn up by the parent birds. Unhatched eggs may also be eaten by the parent birds.
The contact calls are very loud series of steeply ascending notes pee-koko… pee-koko followed by more abrupt notes. Numerous other vocalizations such as a low kweer calls are produced in other behavioural contexts. Some calls appear to be antiphonal duets

Photographer savad-Mike on Flickr.

An interesting symbiosis, where evolution takes one big step forward. Teamwork is key for these insects survival, the large spider, is incharge of the web. Unlike organic spiders who utilizes a sticky glue to trap insects, these mechanical wonders uses gears. The gears move about and ensnarl any living thing within it’s gear like matrix. These webs are often called cogwebs for their gear like appearence.

The smaller drones, are designed to be bright and almost flower like, so other creatures would be inclined to examine them. Once an item is caught, they go to work. They have 2 jobs:

1. Drill large holes in the sides of the living creature.
2. Drain it of it’s lubricants and liquids.

Once immobilized, the larger spider now can devour the meal.

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