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Moon Bear by David Swindler on Flickr.

Kaktovik Alaska is one of the best places in the world to photograph polar bears. First, there’s plenty of bears. Second, you can get very close to them by boat. And third, you can photograph them at eye level - not from an elevated polar bear vehicle. We had an awesome day photographing the bears with lots of variety in the light. Around sunset, the skies started to clear. Right after the sun dipped below the horizon, the moon rose and provided a great backdrop for this bear.

Hourglass by Ted Gore on Flickr.

An impressive cloud formation passes over the Mesquite sand dunes in Death Valley National Park. I’ve been lucky to get some pretty interesting conditions the few times I’ve been to this area. One of my favorite things I’ve done in the wilderness, is to be comfortably settled into the nice soft sand, watching weather move through the valley. Such a cool place.

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